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  • Asociado Líbero 2022

    Valid for one year
    • Líbero de pleno derecho durante 1 año
    • Acceso al área privada de Líberos
    • Acceso al grupo oficial de Telegram de la Asociación
    • Voto en todas las decisiones relevantes de la Asociación
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We explain step by step how to join.

Click here.

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What does it mean to be a member?

Being associated means being a full member of Líberos Real Jaén. By paying the membership fee, you will automatically be part of the most important management body: the Assembly.

All members of Liberos have the same power, following the principle of "one member, one vote".


How can I be a member?

To be a member of Líberos you only have to pay a fee of €12 per year, or what is the same, €1 per month . You can make the payment of the membership fee easily through this website. Click on "Pay" at the top of this page (See Tutorial) . 


What will my membership fee be used for?

The goal of Liberos is to become a real management alternative. To do this, you need capital important enough to be able to get the majority shareholding in Real Jaén. If Líberos does not have relevant social and economic capital, he will never be able to implement his popular soccer model in the Club. The money would be used to provide the entity with an initial liquidity that allows us to face the most imminent payments and gives us the possibility of renegotiating a future payment schedule with all creditors. Until the majority of the shares is obtained, the money raised will not be used, except for the day-to-day running costs of the association (website, data protection, advertising, etc.).


What do I have to do as a member?

Being associated gives you the right to participate in all the Liberos management bodies. Thus, you can vote on all the decisions of the association. The Assembly will democratically decide each of the initiatives to be carried out, such as those related to get the Club, what the money raised is for, etc. Members will have a deadline to vote and may do so in person and electronically.


Do I have to be from Jaén to be a member?

Not at all. It does not matter if you are from Jaén or from any part of the world. Both fans of Real Jaén and lovers of popular football from all countries are welcome to join Líberos. The only requirement to be a member is the desire to be part of the Association and, if we finally get the majority shareholding, to be the owner of a historic club of Spanish football.


What is the difference between being a member and participating in crowdfunding?

They are completely different processes, although they share the same objective. Both the membership fees and the money contributed in the crowdfunding will provide economic capital to the association, which will be used to recover and save Real Jaén from disappearing. The differences between both processes are:

- In crowdfunding, you can contribute from €1 up to the amount you want. As explained above, associates will pay a fixed amount of €12 annually.

- The participants in the crowdfunding will not be part of the Liberos management bodies or in their voting. The money contributed is an aid so that Liberos can materialize the objective of saving the club through a popular management model.

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