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The Association


Líberos Real Jaén is an associative and non-profit organization (under the provisions of article 22 of the Spanish Constitution, developed in Organic Law 1/2002, of March 22, regulating the Right of Association and others current provisions issued in the development and application thereof; as well as in Law 4/2006, of June 23, on Associations of Andalusia). Liberos is made up of fans from Jaen. The Association was officially created in July 2020.

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Unite the social mass of Real Jaén, as well as all those fans and supporters of popular football who share our values. From Líberos we want to be the voice of the white fans, representing the general interests of the fans. We seek to group and syndicate all the actions of the club to carry out a project that maximizes the economic and human potential of Real Jaén in attention to its history and dignity.

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Our values are transparency, as well as democratic and popular management. Liberos is governed by the "one member, one vote" principle. The decisions and actions of Liberos will always respect the symbols, dignity, identity, sentiment and history of the Club. In the case of obtaining the rights to the majority of shares, our management would be realistic and adjusted to the current dimensions and needs of Real Jaén in order to gradually reduce the debt and obtain a healthy club.


Who are the founders of Liberos?

President: María Eugenia Vega

Vice President: Jesús Chamorro

Secretary: Juan Pedro Vela

Treasurer: Arturo Quero

Member: Miguel Espinosa

Member: Emilio Carrión

Member: David Morales

Member: Arturo Pancorbo

Member: José Vega

The members of the board of directors (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and members) have signed the Statutes of the founding act of the Association. Once the members are increased, all of them will democratically elect the positions mentioned above, as well as the representative and management bodies of the Association.

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